Hurly Burly

kitchen hood
limited edition

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Spicing up the kitchen, not with a curry dressing, but with a small utensil that handsomely rests on a few screws on the kitchen’s back. And then, when the heat rises, the soup broils or the chicken fries in the pan, HURLY BURLY comes into action, silently sliding to the forefront to show not more than its two green eyes, guarding the steam from infiltrating the room with its smell by using an activated carbon filter. Instead of using a steam outlet, HURLY BURLY solely relies on the room’s air circulation and has a removable grease filter, thus always showing a clean appearance for its next encounter with food.
Material: aluminium, heatresitant plastics
Dimension: 30 x 30 x 20cm
Photographer: Staudinger+Franke

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