Bebot Infoboard

Nanobot / speculative design object / Infographic
SPARKS EU PROJECT / ARS Electronica Futurelab Residencies


BEBOT PROJECTS CONTAINS 3 PARTS: BeBots / BeBot Inhaler / BeBot Infoboard


Our BeBot project is mainly based on research in behavioural biology, neurology and nanotechnology. In developing our BeBot‘s behaviour, we draw upon the behaviour of parasites. To implant BeBots into the nervous system, we rely on excellent research in medicine, biosciences, nanotechnology and advanced material.


BeBots are nanobots that impact our conscience, subconscience and autonomic nervous system and thereby induce desired changes in the brain and nerve tracts. BeBot is derived from nanobots, to behave, to be as well as behaviourism.

Bebot is designed to regulate and influence our eating habits, respectively. Diseases like diabetes, overweight, allergies and intolerances will continue to spread. BeBot may encourage to aspire to well-tolerated food. We see BeBot as yet fictional advancement of today’s nanomedicine. Our project will result in a range of ready-to-use products. We aim to offer a nasal spray or inhaler so easy in its application that it preempts conceivable fear of the unfamiliar.

The pivotal idea of „man’s freewill“ in mind, how far do we go to enable self-healing?


BeBots are supposed to operate on synapses, where our conscience is formed. This requires BeBots to intelligently and independently function as a team. Again, we draw upon behaviour patterns common among certain animals like collective intelligence, Quorum sensing of protozoa and certain skills of ants.

Collective intelligence enables the collaboration of many individuals in a complex way. It is thereby not necessary that each individual follows its own direction of action. They act as a group. Ants, for instance, are able to build physical bridges. This ability could be useful in building nanobot chains.

Quorum sensing is a system of stimuli and response correlated to population density. This is how many species of bacteria (Bioluminescence) coordinate gene expression according to the density of their population. In similar fashion, BeBots initiate their course of action in accordance with their density of population. / Read more about Quorum sensing in Wikipedia /

Interview with Markus Scholl / Futurelab Ars Electronica
Ars Electronica Futurelab Residencies
You will not crave for junkfood anymore - a story of nanobots

This project is part of Sparks, a H2020 project funded by the European Commission

Credits and Special Thanks to
Christian Kittner - Inhaler Design / Elisabeth Leuthner - Logo and Graphic Design / Werner Pötzelberger - nanobots character design and 3D realization / Christopher Lindinger - futurelab / Claudia Schnugg - futurelab / Markus Scholl - futurelab

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